Wild Turkey Fest


Promote being the "Wild Turkey Capital" of Minnesota by decorating the community for the fall and winter season and provide fun events for families to participate in during this season.

Phone Number: (507) 450-0530

Email Address: pollyh0507@outlook.com (Polly Heberlein)

Meeting Time/Day/Place: We do not have regular meetings but try to cover multiple upcoming events and/or planning when we do meet.

Major Projects: Hosted a mini fall activity event which included a corn maze, games, food and pumpkin scavenger hunt for families. We included free transportation to the event. We also decorated various locations in the community for the fall season (and even into winter) letting all know that we are proud of our 'City for all Seasons' and want to help make it look its best during the turkey season.

Population Served: We plan our main annual events during the fall Hot Air Balloon Rally. By choosing this time, we feel we are utilizing our festive community feel for all who come to town for the Hot Air Balloon Rally. We have also partnered with the Houston County Fair committee when they hosted their Fall Haunted House.

Other: It is important to us to represent Caledonia in a fun and festive way, whether it be by seasonally decorating or planning fun activities for all to do! Turkey Fest season is a great time for all to get outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery, have scavenger hunts and play turkey-themed games! We have fun being 'creative' together and welcome all new ideas as well as people willing to help!