Community Spirit Caledonia


Community Spirit Caledonia strives to strengthen our community by empowering adults and young people through projects that include artistic activities, life skills and family bonding; additionally to inspire individual and group mentoring and lasting positive relationships within our community.

Phone Number: (507) 450-0530

Email Address:

Meeting Time/Day/Place: We usually meet once a month in the evening but not necessarily on a scheduled night.

Major Projects: We have hosted many children's events (free of charge to ensure all kids can enjoy) such as an annual community swimming party, several summer Children Funfests in the City Park, several Halloween events and an Easter egg hunt to name a few. Most events include a meal at no charge. (A donation jar is present for those wishing to help defray costs.)

Population Served: Our community's young people are the main focus of our group. We include kids and adults of all economic backgrounds to bring all together for camaraderie, fun and mentoring.

Other: Our committee enjoys partnering with other groups in promoting community events. It lessens the stress for all involved and proves to be more effective. We strive to be important role models to young people by empowering them to become productive young adults by tapping into our mission statement goals while including all economic backgrounds. All kids should have the opportunity to feel special, to know they are among friends and can just be themselves and have fun when they attend our events.